Thursday, June 2, 2011



蜂蜜和肉桂的混合物能治愈大多数疾病。 Ayurvedic 和 Yunani 医学,一直都使用蜂蜜作为这几个世纪以来,重要的医学研究。 今日的科学家也接受蜂蜜可以治愈大 多数疾病。 蜂蜜可用在各种疾病且没有任何副作用。 今日的科学也指出,蜂蜜虽 甜,但适当的剂量并不危害患有糖尿病的病患。一本加拿大著名的杂志 "WeeklyWorld News" 于 1995/1/17 曾发表,蜂蜜和肉桂可以治愈不孕症。

Yunani 和 Ayurvedic 多年来一直使用蜂蜜加强男性的精液。如果阳萎的男性定 期在睡前食用二大匙蜂蜜,他们的问题就可解决。 几世纪以来,中国、日本及远东地区,没有怀孕及需加强子宫的妇女,都有食用肉桂粉。不能怀孕的妇女,可把半匙蜂蜜加入少量肉桂粉涂在牙床上,慢慢混著唾液吞入。在美国 Maryland 的一对夫妇,已经 14 年没有孩子且已不抱任何希望。 当这对夫妇得知这讯息,两人开始食用蜂蜜加肉桂粉,几个月后,妻子怀孕且是双胞胎。

A mixture of honey and cinnamon can cure most diseases. For centuries Ayurvedic and Yunani medicine has used honey as an important medical research. Today, scientists also accept honey can cure a variety of diseases. Honey can be used in curing diseases without any side effects. Today's science also points out that although honey is sweet, it does not harm patients with diabetes when appropriate dosage is taken. A well-known Canadian magazine "Weekly World News " published on 1995/1/17, that honey and cinnamon can cure the Infertility problem.

Yunani and Ayurvedic have been using honey for years to strengthen the semen of men. If impotent men regularly take two tablespoons of honey before going to bed, their problem can be resolved. For centuries, people in China, Japan and the Far East, have used cinnamon to strengthen the uterus of women who cannot get pregnant. Add a small amount of cinnamon to 1/2 tablespoon of honey, then coated the mixture on the gum and slowly swallow it. It is said that this treatment can help infertility. In Maryland of the United States a couple could not have children after they had married for14 years. When the couple heard the method, they began to try and gradually increased consumption of honey and cinnamon. A few months later, the wife got pregnant and eventually gave birth to twins.

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